Who is College Material?

The American Spectator had a great article yesterday about academics and college readiness. It asks the question, ‘are those students who fail college placement exams actually college material?’ It goes on to cite several examples of students lack of knowledge in basic subjects, and how they are indifferent to their own ignorance. The best quote of the entire piece is:

“…the single greatest predictor of whether a student will succeed or fail in college is not what he knows when he graduates from high school but what he wants to know when he graduates from high school. Intellectual curiosity is more determinative than high test scores or good work habits because it precedes them — indeed, it causes them. The desire to know just for the sake of knowing, to pick up random facts and start drawing connections in your mind, is the hallmark of the lifetime learner.”

I would go even further with this assertion to incorporate success in life along with it. Read the entire article here.


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