Questions of the Day – Applications & Community College Courses

Great questions again from Dayna. I’ll finish up answering her questions tomorrow.

When should applications be sent?

Applications should be sent to each college or university you are applying to before the end of first semester senior year. (Of course this is assuming that your family is following a traditional semester course of study.) Does the school you’re applying to have an application deadline or do they offer rolling admission? (Rolling admission means they are constantly accepting applications and don’t have a deadline.) This will determine the best time to submit your application. For scholarship purposes, it may need to be sent in sooner, depending upon the scholarship’s specific requirements and deadline. Generally speaking, as long as the application is in by the end of January during senior year, you shouldn’t have a problem being admitted, although you could miss out on some scholarships. The FAFSA priority deadline for financial aid and scholarships is March 1st every year, so it’s best to have been admitted to the school of choice by that date.

Does it hurt to take the 100 level courses at a community college before applying to a university?

No, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take these classes, in fact, most likely it will help a students chances for admission. The reason for this being that it shows the college or university that your student can “hack it.” Some schools may not allow the courses to transfer in, but it will still look good on a transcript.

As always, if you have other recommendations, comment away!


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