Questions of the Day – Diploma vs. GED

Great questions today from Kristen on diploma vs. GED and naming your home school.

Can my child earn a diploma of some sort, or is the only option to have a certificate stating that he passed the GED?

If you decide to use a 3rd-party curriculum, they will most likely award a high school graduation diploma. Many of these “schools” are fully accredited, so the college or university chosen should accept this without issue. Since practically every school now requires the ACT or SAT to be taken, the need for an accredited curriculum has been greatly diminished. You may even choose to award your own “home-made” diploma. Nothing wrong with this at all. Many parents do this and have no problems.

Taking the GED is an option, but one I would only recommend as a last resort. There is a stigma attached to it that will probably never change. Someone with a GED as their only credential screams “high school dropout.” If the college in question lists the GED as a requirement for homeschool admissions, I would look for another school.

We have named our Home School. Is it fine to use this name on any documents asking for school name, or is it best to include that it is a Home School?

By all means, use the name which you have given your home school, as it adds an element of credibility. Depending upon the state in which you live, by doing this, you may actually be considered a “private school,” and this tends to make the reviewing university more lenient.

Kristen, thanks for the great questions!


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