Questions of the Day – Transcripts & College Applications

“If a child completes a college level course in 8th grade can it go on their high school transcript?

As the head of your own home school, you get to choose what goes on the transcript. That’s the great thing about homeschooling, the flexibility. Just make sure that all the activities you are counting for credit actually are relevant to the particular subject, and will help increase your student’s test scores in that area as well.

When you say a college level course completed in 8th grade, are you referring to a dual enrollment class? Although I’m unfamiliar with any university allowing a student that young to take college courses, if it did so happen, by all means, count it on the transcript. The age or “grade” of the student when the course work is completed is not nearly as important as the level of course work completed.

“What should my 10th grader be doing right now to prepare for college applications?

10th grade is a little early to begin applying for college, but there are several steps that can be taken to best prepare your student for those applications come senior year.

Make sure she is taking a rigorous curriculum of courses that will challenge her. Keep the grades up. Test preparation is also crucial here as well. If she hasn’t taken the PSAT yet, look into taking that this year. Keep solid and accurate academic records that can be added into her transcript and/or portfolio. If she’s involved in sports or extra-curriculars, make sure she is consistent with these. Leadership roles are good. Begin looking at potential colleges she might want to attend. If those schools are located relatively close, attend their open house/preview days. Lastly, make sure her writing is steadily improving. This can be a huge factor for the entrance essay that most colleges require. (Not to mention scholarships as well!)


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