About Home School College Counselor

People have begun to ask me, why are you starting a website specifically for homeschoolers to prepare for college? Isn’t there enough information out there without adding to the clutter? I always have to laugh as I respond that yes, there is a ton of information both online as well as many other sources. The problem is, no one has sifted and sorted through it so it’s actually manageable and understandable. Parents teaching their children don’t have time, and most of the so-called homeschool “experts” have never actually worked for a college or university’s admissions office to know what is actually required and preferred.

That’s where I come in. Growing up in the ‘80’s & ‘90’s as the eldest child in a large homeschooling family, I had to pave the way for my siblings educationally, and that meant learning everything the hard way, by trial and error. I learned what worked and what didn’t, what to do, and what not to do. Even though I hated the process at times, I became a better person for it, and it’s led me to where I am now.
As the former assistant director of admissions for a small private college in the mid-south for over four years, I dealt with thousands of public, private, and homeschooled students on a daily basis. This background has given me the knowledge and experience to help homeschooling families from all walks of life and academic backgrounds to succeed in the college preparation and admissions process.

The idea for the Home School College Counselor came about after talking to several homeschooling parents who expressed their frustration in preparing their students for college. They had no idea where to start. Unfortunately, most of these parents came to me and asked questions during their child’s last semester of high school, but by this time, it was too late to make much of a difference in the way of academic or scholarship preparation. It was then I realized how great a need there is for a guidance counselor specifically for homeschooled students. Lets face it, public and private schools have an entire guidance department, normally one counselor for each grade, but homeschoolers aren’t afforded this luxury. Should your student be denied the opportunity of attending the college of his or her dreams simply because you didn’t know when, where, or how to best prepare? Of course not!

After this realization, I began to poll parents and students to see if there really is a need for this service, and what type of questions they actually need answers to. It was only after my inbox became flooded with responses from parents begging me to provide my expertise that I decided to start the Home School College Counselor.

Where else can you find answers to your college preparation questions, geared specifically to the needs of the homeschool community, and free of charge?

I welcome your feedback as I grow the site. Please leave comments; let me know what you think. If you have questions, fire away, I’ll be happy to answer. Since any website is a constant work in progress, this is no exception. Stay tuned for updates and changes. If there is specific content or material you want addressed, leave a comment or drop me an email at HomeSchoolCollegeCounselor (at) gmail.com and I’ll do my best to oblige.


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